Welcome, dear visitor and future happy client! Before I go any further, I must confess that I am by nature a shy person, who would in most situations rather listen than talk, but if talk I must then I'd rather tell stories and anecdotes than directly speak about myself. I am no different when it comes to writing, except that writing about oneself is to me even more of a chore. So I was not altogether pleased when I found out that an "About Me" section is one of the most visited pages on a photography website, and that any would-be photographer who omitted to have one was doing so at the detriment of his/her business. How horrifying.

Being thus persuaded, I began working on this page a few months ago. As was to be expected, I immediately fell into battle with Jack Torrance-like writer's block and was grateful no axes or other similar weaponry were close at hand. I was, you see, determined to accomplish this task without causing any harm to my friends and family. At last after many visions and revisions, it dawned on me that although I must have this dreaded page on my website, I may take the dread out of it by approaching it as a story rather than a sales pitch. I hope you will forgive my lack of business sense and decide to hire me despite of it. So without further delay, here is my story.

One of the earliest memories I have of my childhood is of a trip to the Adriatic Sea with my grandparents. As was his custom, my grandfather took with him a photo camera. I do not remember the make or model or anything of that sort, but I do remember the shiny metal top transitioning into a black, but equally as shiny, body with a leather-like texture. I also vividly remember the scent of the leather case that wrapped around the whole camera, and the lens cleaning cloth, which fitted neatly before the lens when the case was put together. If I was at that age capable of articulating the impression the camera had on me, I would have called it the image of pure elegance. My love affair with photography thus began with the admiration of the camera as opposed to the admiration of the photograph.

Throughout the years, that image of the camera was always with me somewhere in the back of my mind, but it did not come to the forefront and eventually turn into an obsession until I made the leap from admiring the camera as a thing of mechanical beauty to admiring the photograph as a thing capable of a much, much deeper and more meaningful beauty. A good photograph can be anything from a poem to a punch, but it is always striking. It is always arresting. And it is always elusive. The insatiable pursuit of beauty in a photograph is my life's passion, and it is what I bring with me to every wedding, every portrait session, and every event that I photograph. In fact, it is with me always regardless of whether I have a camera with me or not. I am and will forever be a passionate photographer first, and a professional photographer second.

So that is my story and my philosophy. My photography services are available in New Jersey, New York City, and Eastern Pennsylvania in a wide variety of areas including:

- Portrait Photography (professional headshots, family portraits, baby portraits, glamor portraits, etc...)
- Event photography
- Product Photography
- Real Estate Photography

I am also an avid nature and landscape photographer. You may purchase any of my prints in a variety of sizes directly from the gallery on this website.

Thank you for your time, your trust, and your business.
~ Goran